About Me

Photography has always been something I've wanted to do growing up and I dove right in after getting my first camera and never looked back. 

After playing music in multiple bands for many years I wanted to take the step off stage but still get a piece of the action and follow my love of photography. Almost straight away I got a job with Beat Magazine, Melbourne's longest running street magazine, to shoot bands both big and small, local and international in the most liveable city in the world.

In such a saturated market I thrive myself on keeping consistancy in my work but also try different things from time to time to push the envolope and keep things fresh and usually put on biannual showcases or exhibit's to show off the ideas I'm working on.

Now I live in London, taking a step back from music photography and working part time as a freelance photographer and currently working on my first publication.

If you're interested in setting up a photo shoot or you have any questions then please email me below!

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